Coronavirus: Activist raises concern over safety of Journalists

By Nema Juma

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani urged the government and health partners to provide journalists with the necessary protective kits to prevent them against the coronavirus.

Yakani, who spoke to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday said they are concerned the government had not considered briefing for media houses on coronavirus.

He said he was concerned that without regular briefing of journalists on how to report on the coronavirus, there would be high rate of misinformation about the virus.

 “I call upon the Ministry of Health, Task Force on the COVID-19 and the World Health Organization (WHO) to make sure that they organize regular briefings of journalist in the country on the experience of the COVID 19,”

 “When the government is allocating resources on COVID-19 they need to make sure that they allocate to challenges facing other institutions like media houses in terms of information and also issues related to transparency,” he said.

Yakani further called on the Minister of Health to provide journalists with testing kits, so that they protect themselves from getting affected with corona virus.

One of the senior journalists in South Sudan Denis Scoopers said there was need to provide training to Journalists and to educate them on how to use kits adding that the issue of coronavirus was a concern of everybody.

He stated that the prevention of coronavirus was a collective responsibility for everyone including journalist.

“What is important is that some people cannot afford to buy the kits, for example the sanitizer and the mask. You need to be having some induction knowledge on how to use the kits.”

He also said people need to be seriously trained on how to protect themselves on this deadly virus.

Another senior journalist working for Al-Arabia television Emmanuel said the prevention efforts were a concern of everyone including journalists

“We need to be considered in anything that is pledged on the COVID-2019 so that we can sensitize the citizen about corona,” Emmanuel said.

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