Whatever is going on the price hike on basic commodities remained unresolved without any hope in sight. The common-man and several households continue to bear the burden of items which are being increased without due care or understanding to the present economic situation. This has been a song to many ears with those responsible like the chamber of commerce and the business union making promises that have not and cannot be obeyed by the traders or the business community who always talk about dollar rates. True the dollar rate has remained high in the black market and true traders need the USD to import the commodities, but should they be let loose to increase at will prices of basic commodities which are the basic lifeline of the majority. The authorities that are supposed to effect law and order seems to be in the slumber land and doing very little if any only known to them. How long will consumers cry for help. How long will they wait to be helped? There must come a time when government is required to get in and take control of the skyrocketing prices to save the public. The business sector is required to trade on profit but the profit should be reasonable not pegged on the dollar which has become so common on their lips. The traders should not be left to have their ways at the expense of the consumers. Traders cannot exist on isolation. They need the consumers to survive just like vice-versa. There are no reasons why both chamber and business union should make noise that do not help the consumers while at the same time taxing them heavily with collaboration from city hall and other municipal councils in the country. The taxation should stop if the two organizations could not deliver service required by the general public. Let the government take charge and control prices of basic commodities in the country.

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