It takes courage and patriotism to speak one’s mind for the good of the nation. This is what a minister in Central Equatoria State, Moro Isaac Jenesio did when he called on the government to be realistic when awarding contracts to companies. Cases of briefcase operators and under the table dealing in contracts awarding have been rampant and became an eyesore to tax-payers who in most cases have no voices to raise leaving the rot to go on. The state minister is right to make a wakeup call that would reduce the practices in both national and states set ups. True, the country has had to bear the blunt of reported and unreported corrupt dealings in contract awarding which should not be the case if proper and serious development were to be put in place to bring to naught the continued cheating and malpractices by the unqualified people who are using their positions to swindle millions money for work not done. The government through the relevant ministriesshould not relent in fighting the vices which hinders development activities in the country. It is even time to take stock of how many projects that were started and which remained “white elephant” from day one. While the government is doing its part, the general public should remain vigilant to monitor the work on any contract givenbecause at the end of it all, they are the one who stand to lose their hard-earned revenue which is supposed to uplift the well-being of the general public and the country. There must be check and balance in whatever people in authorities do where they are required to be above questionable reproach and ensure that the country move forward without any shortfall created from their dockets. Corruption in contract awarding must stop now to the nation to move forward. The contract award authorities must remain realistic.

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