Contacting Dr. Machar is inclusivity

Every politician that has influence in the politics of this country should be included in the national dialogue if we are really working for real peace to prevail in the country.

The crises in this country are too many to handle. It is frustrating the citizens in one way or the other. My fellow citizens are spending sleepless nights thinking of what miracles should be performed to rescue the suffering and the lives of our ordinary citizens.

Some of us are completely hopeless now because of the crises caused by the senseless wars. The only way to address all these problems is to tell the truth to achieve justice and liberty. The national crisis was also caused or manipulated by bad politics, economic meltdown and bad cultural practices, for instance; cattle raiding, child abduction, inequality and tribalism.

Unless South Sudanese come up with clear solutions to the alarming crisis, they would not get any tangible results to solve their grievances amicably. We do not need a system of governance and leadership with evil agenda that encourages people to kill themselves and destroy this beautiful country.

The national dialogue steering committee under Angelo Beda the Co-Chair of the committee has made it clear that the dialogue seems to have many obstacles to deal with. The steering committee was coming up with good ideas which would possibly lead to the success of the process, if the government really wants peace and end the suffering of our people.

This is what they said; in their report which appeared in Juba Monitor newspaper on 16th June, 2017, a committee created within the national dialogue steering committee will contact former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny and other armed opposition groups for their participation in order to ensure inclusivity of the national dialogue. Angelo Beda, Co-chair of the national dialogue steering committee said the committee for refuges and international outreach, one of the 15 created groups will engage Dr. Machar and all other opposition leaders who are outside the country to take part in the national dialogue.

“Those who carry arms, we want them to come and talk to their people and that is why the national dialogue is inclusive,” he said in a press conference at freedom hall on Thursday. “He further said the national dialogue is open to all, including those who have got arms, and those in the diaspora to bring credibility and orderliness, and those who are participating have their safety and freedom.”

Mr. Beda pointed out boldly. In reality, that is a good move that the citizens have been waiting to hear from people like Angelo Beda and the rest who are peacemakers. In fact, this national dialogue will only come to light, if there is inclusivity for all the warring parties, politicians and the citizens who are having grievances with the current government.

Those with arms or without, the opposition groups like (SPLA-IO) and the rest of the politicians have to be included to participate in this national dialogue. No South Sudanese should be left out during this national dialogue which is meant to iron out all the political grievances and power wrangling issues.

The call for Dr. Riek Machar to participate in the national dialogue is a genuine. It is a move to bring peace. Excluding Machar is not a solution to any problem. The statement earlier by the President that he will not be part and parcel of the national dialogue challenges the question of inclusivity and it should not be the case as far as the national dialogue is concerned.

Indeed, we need peace now. No preconditions should be set for others to block peace from coming back home because the citizens are tired of war and conflicts and economic hardship is tormenting the citizens daily. Dialogue means ironing out differences and listening to different groups about their concerns regardless of their party ideology and affiliation.

So this national dialogue will only be fruitful and successful if the government in Juba contacts leaders of all the armed groups within and abroad to participate in the process.  There is always a saying that, “we disagree to agree,” so whatsoever the case may be, regarding Dr. Riek Machar, he should be pardoned and tell us his grievances, because he is a citizen of this nation.

We should not exclude Dr. Machar in the country’s political affairs because he a citizen of this nation. Ignoring him will not solve any problem in the country because he has supporters in the political arena.

Inclusivity is badly needed to save this country from failing. People have been killed day and night, the economy has dwindled, prices are shooting up daily, and employees’ salaries are not paid for months in the presence of our government.

So, I am encouraging the steering committee embrace participation of everybody to restore peace and stability. South Sudanese are yearning for lasting peace to prevail, and we should not setup preconditions and stop talking about issues which are affecting the lives of our citizens.

There are those who may be saying, I am supporting Dr. Machar or I am his associate, an opposition, SPLA-IO, rebel, whatsoever name you may give them.  The citizens of this country have equally struggled for the independence of this country to enjoy liberty, justice, freedom of movement and expression and equality for all.

I will not give up fighting for the rights of the citizens, and so those citizens and politicians who may be thinking negatively about this point of view should take it positive. It is not wise to keep silent when our people are going under difficult situation just because of individuals who want to stay in power.

It is worth mentioning that I am not an affiliate of any leader but just a concerned citizen of this country.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahhoo.com

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

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