The hue and cry by consumers against the continued increment of prices of basic commodities is like a drum-beat in the ears of the regulators. Time and again it has been consumers on the receiving end without any attempt or possible remedy by those charged with seeing the well-being of the public. With the rising cost of living and inflation which has hit the room, the public or consumers are at the mercy of traders and business community. This is not right because the businessmen are capitalizing on the situation on the ground well-aware that no machinery was in place capable of detecting their ill moves of fleecing innocent consumers without blinking an eye-lid. It is like nobody cares anymore about the plight of the unfortunate and the poor because those charged with these responsibilities are either players inside the game or sleeping on the job. Although the rule of the game in the open market is the same worldwide, it cannot be left without some semblance of order and regulations. People must start to be honest and play the game that cannot hurt others. The government must put its feet down on the ground firmly to protect consumers and those given responsibilities but do not perform must be shown the door now not tomorrow because they are a disgrace to the appointing authority. Time has come for those not toeing the line and not providing the much needed service delivery to the people to quit or be thrown out. This country needs people who are committed with whatever position they are given for service to the people to be those with outstanding background and love for the country. It is not who or why but it is whether one can be counted for what he/she is charged to do. There must be a stop to all sorts of excuses in service delivery to the people more so, in this case, the consumer.

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