Coronavirus has thrown yet another burden to consumers countrywide. Right now the general public are forced to dig deeper into their pockets to meet their daily needs and that of their families. Coupled with the spread of the disease, the uncertainty is real and should be addressed soonest to cushion the suffering of the common-man who is left to feel the pinch. Prices of basics commodities including the common vegetable are out of reach for the citizens. It is agreeable that the free market policy exist but at such time in point the government should monitor the activities within the prices of basic items to ensure that the public is not exploited at the expense of the traders. Most items perishable and non-perishable are coming from outside the country. However this should not be a yard-stick used to exploit the consumers. The citizens have been so hard hit with the price increments in the last few years and the virus came at a wrong time when the country almost coming out of the doldrums that had faced it for the last six or so years. It is another pertinent wound if left untreated, the hike of prices would make or break many families who cannot afford a single meal in a day. There should be constant check and those found to be over-charging consumers be dealt with by the country laws. No one should be allowed to have monopoly or take advantage of the current situation to enrich themselves from the suffering and hustling members of the public. It is the duty of the government to protect the citizens in whatever situation. It is their duty now like yesterday and in the future to carry out the mandate of protection against greedy business people and other form of exploitations.

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