Construction of Yambio Air strip lunched 

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The governor of Gbudue state Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa launched a multi-million renovation project of Yambio Airstrip.

The construction was estimated to cost 44,820,230 SSP an equivalent to US dollar 166, 582.

In his speech during the launch on Monday Mr Rimbasa said with the presence of peace more developmental projects including roads were expected to take place in the state.

“Development often comes when every citizen embraces the spirit of nationalism,” he said.

According to the Governor Rimbasa, the renovation of Yambio airstrip was being funded by the revenue state.

The terminal will include V.I.P department, security room, and ordinary travellers’ room among others.

He called on everyone in Gbudue state to work hard and refrain from laziness habits in order to realize development in the state.

“It’s through the resilience and recovery program that we shall realize a lot of development in the state,” Governor Rimbasa said.

The Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Clement Philemon Baime said the state alone cannot meet all the cost of Yambio airstrip renovation. And he appealed for support from other development partners and stakeholders who aim on promoting development.

Baime said that the revitalized peace agreement has opened ways forward and makes it possible for development to take place in the country.

The UNMISS Head of field officer Mr Christopher Murenga lauded the state government for this initiative.

He said the presence of modernized airport often brings quick development as it eases movement for investors.

Yambio airstrip terminal is being renovated by Kangonyasi Company Ltd.

Governor Rimbasa urged residents of Gbudue state to rally behind President Salva Kiir so that the country can achieve lasting peace as a way forward to build the country that has been in destruction.





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