Construction of Mundri¬¬-Mvolo Road starts

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The construction of Mundri-Mvolo road in Amadi State has kicked off last week.

The road being constructed by UNIMSS engineering team is part of the national government partnership with UNIMSS Engineering team to improve the infrastructure of the country.

It was launched on 31st December last year. The 127 kilometers road connects Mundri, the Capital of Amadi State, to Mvolo County, a county along the border with Lakes State.

Mundri-Mvolo road is the only road that connects the Great Lakes States to parts of Greater Western Equatoria States.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from the Mvolo County in Amadi State, Manase Doboyi Agoli, Amadi State Deputy Governor described the reconstruction of Mundri-Mvolo road as a positive development for his State.

When completed, he said, the road would help the famers of Greater Mvolo to trade their products with the neighboring States, especially Jubek, adding that it would reduce the prices of goods and services in the area.

“Last year, Great Mvolo farmers had a good harvest, especially crops like groundnuts, sorghums, and maize but to take them to Juba it was always difficult due to bad road conditions,” Agoli revealed.

He said it was what people have been waiting for and now it may be possible for the communities to trade freely and in low cost.

Agoli further stated that the high prices in the state were a result of the bad roads.

 “The good thing is that the reconstruction of the Mundri-Mvolo road is going to improve security in the state, because criminals always take advantage of these bad roads to carry out their activities.”

The road is expected to be completed in one-month time.

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