Considering others’ view is vital for reputable lifestyle

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

To consider someone’s view means that we take in to picture whatever others think as right in their own eyes. In other words, no matter how wrong they may be, there must be appreciation for the opinion and later, showing the person where they went wrong. It is also not reasonable to turn down someone’s unknown view; that is to say for those who criticize people on baseless issues and less concrete reasons must learn how to do such in a good manner. It is true that all the opinions and decisions that we make are not entirely right. There are some whose impact degrades us as humans. This is true for the fact that human beings think and act differently based on their interests and benefits. But though, most often, our decisions and actions may necessarily affect the ones with and around us. But this always happen if when planning something, we do not consider the view of others. Undermining others and their views does not yield any positivity in the end. Instead, it lives to mislead and destroy a person or the whole country. How does this destruction come about? It is clear that God has blessed us in different ways. Some are rich in rich in mind, he gives us the power to lead and some he gives material wealth. All these blessings however, are good if one has them and not having some and the other missing.

So, the creator says that love and respect one another. Share whatever you are having and by then, will you be a complete man. It is therefore, from the creator’s point of view, patent that we always to share; be it ideas, material wealth and even problems, we ought to put them on one table and clearly look in to them. I wonder why one would only have one blessing and then refuses others from friends or country mates? It sounds stupid and aimless. It is as if we have not comprehended what we want in life and what the creator requires of us. Who can have all the blessings without compliments from others? Our world or this country has the potential to bring peace, unity and prosperity but only if all the people could consider another’s view. And the power to reconcile our different opinions is all we should struggle for in this nation. We have peace here with us but denying it has become the habit of all. It is not good that hatred and tribalism have now created a bridge among us that we even refuse good ideas from other tribe mates. It is so painful and unreasonable that whole country of sixty four tribes with people of countless talents and ideas can be at this level. There is no blessing missing only that the people do not know that they are to share such that success comes to all of them. It is time we know that we do not succeed alone but instead, with ideas from others, we see peace, unity and prosperity. Let us not always assume that we know everything. Even if a president, they need advices and beyond from people. Whose president on this earth is their country peaceful and united but does not consider views of the people? The peaceful and united people of this world know this simple life trick; sharing and consideration of everyone’s view.  They know that considering everyone’s view is important for a reputable lifestyle.

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