Consider public opinion on number of states-Islamic Council

By: Martha David

South Sudan Islamic Council is recommending that a referendum be held to break the deadlock on the number of states and avoid further communal conflicts.

The parties have failed to agree on the number of states and boundaries. The South African Deputy President David Mabuza who was mediating the talks on the number of states proposed that the matter be forwarded to the court for arbitration.

The government supported the proposal but the SPLM/A-IO and the South Sudan Opposition Alliance rejected David Mabuza’s proposal.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, Abdalla Barag Rwal, the secretary general for Islamic Council said citizen’s opinions should be taken into account to avoid further conflicts.

He mentioned that the issue of the states should not be a reason for creating another conflict in the country.

“I encourage the parties to make referendum for the citizens so that we don’t create problems again because people are already holding their states and to bring back the states, unless you consult them. I encourage our leadership to ask the citizens ideas,” Rwal said.

Rwal however said that the Islamic Council was ready to support the peace process through disseminating peace messages to the people.

“It is our big role as religious leaders to make reconciliation among citizens and to plant love in people’s hearts, this is our central work, we are  in Islamic Community and Council of Churches, we want to play a big role we want to go to the citizens in the villages to disseminate peace messages,” he said.

Rwal stated that the council is working to establish stronger ties with Muslims in the neighboring countries including Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Rwal urges the Muslims Community to unite as brothers without division and tribalism and be exemplary for other communities.

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