Congratulatory Message

Dear newly appointed Editor-in-Chief;

Welcome to the new office. I was extremely delighted upon hearing the good news that you have been appointed Juba Monitor Newspaper Editor-in-Chief replacing veteran journalist comrade and freedom fighter who has been in front for the freedom of South Sudanese people and absolute freedom of media and Journalists in particular. Hon Alfred Taban is a dedicated person who worked hard to see fellow human beings are free from all sorts of discrimination.

On behalf of Kampala Bureau team, we wish him well and urge him to continue doing ambassadorial work that he was doing in the media industry although parliament is completely a different place, I believe Hon. Alfred will use his wide experience to influence honorable members in the national parliament and improve the way media is being handled in the country, as one of the first enemy of people which is absolutely wrong, although media people are friendly people in the world.

Dear Madam Anna Nimiriano Nunu Siya, Editor-in-Chief, I congratulate you as a long serving staff of Juba Monitor who reached upto the position of  Associate Editor, with commitment and energy you have, Juba Monitor will continue to make people believe that Hon. Alfred Taban trained  a professional editor who can effectively run the newspaper, with trust and capacity, I have seen in you for the last two months I have been working with Juba Monitor Kampala Bureau office proved to me you are a reliable person who can move Juba Monitor English Daily newspaper ahead which is being published from Monday to Friday and on Sunday, once again congratulation for the hard work you have demonstrated to fellow South Sudanese people.




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