Congratulations little Vonve for standing tall by bringing into the world map this country by bagging four awards in the Little Miss Africa Competition which was held in Kampala and attracted eight countries. It is for this young six year old girl to aim high and indeed the voting online proved that there are talents in this country that should be tapped to promote social and cultural face which few people are yet to believe exists in this country. It is through such interaction that the grim picture of this nation which has been the core in the past could be erased by being up-lifted with the positive side. There are so many Vonve Blessing Isaac out there whose talents have not been put into good use for the development and recognition of the country. It is time that something should be done to bring them into the limelight for the benefit of the entire nation. Time and again negativities have been the main agenda of so many. The exposure and the awards won by this young girl should be an encouragement to her fellow-youth that the sky is the limit if one does it right. There is nothing impossible to achieve if the wish and heart are brought into work. The youth should be given this kind of opportunity to do what they know better instead of being forced otherwise. We have seen how sports and other cultural interactions have brought unity among many communities. This is one of the best ways to get rid of this phenomenon among the different communities in the country. The youth must be allowed to shape their needs and possible future destinations without being cohosted. It is their future and the adults should only support them for this and by laying firm foundation for the future. Let their talents speak for themselves. Once again congratulations Vonve for making it through. The country is proud of you. 

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