CONFUSION, Mars Nov 12th deadline

By Opio Jackson

A civil activist has raised concern over what he described as confusions on the road to 12th November by the parties to the Revitalized-Peace Agreement.

Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said there were several unilateral statements coming out from some party leaders.

“The South Sudan parties to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan [R-ARCISS] have started the language of confusion on the road to 12th November,” he said.

The Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) is expected to be formed on 12th November.

However, Yakani said the recent pronouncement of pre-conditions and threats towards the formation of the R-TGoNU require urgent holding of the face-to-face meeting of the top leadership of the parties to the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

He said as a matter of urgency, face-to-face meeting should be held before the mid-October.

Yakani added that the primary responsibility to beat the deadline 12th November rest on the fingertips of the top leadership of parties to the agreement.

“We don’t want to blame anybody but we want to see that the leadership to the parties that are signatories to the agreement reach political consensus to decide on the fate of 12th November,” Yakani stressed.

“The general expectation is that there is no appetite for more extensions and also no appetite for exclusive and non-diverse government,” he said.

Yakani called for the IGAD heads of government and states submit before the visit of the United Nations Security Council to South Sudan.

He said up to date some of the pre-transitional pending issues were not effectively accomplished including the formation of the VIP protection unit, necessary unified forces at size of 41,000 trained and deployment and resolution of the boundaries and number of states prior to 12th November.

“We are calling upon the IGAD envoy to South Sudan Ismail Wais to ensure that IGAD summit on South Sudan is held before the 21st of this month. We are also aware that the AU Peace and Security Council is supposed to have a session and we want this session to take place before 12th November so that AU mission in South Sudan can brief AU peace and security council on the status of the parties’ preparation for the formation of the R-TGoNU,” Yakani said.

He said whatever the fate of 12th November may be; it should be reached through political consensus.

The activist reiterated that the ultimate expectation of the citizens on the 12th November is the formation of the inclusive and diverse government.



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