Confusion mars NDM party leadership

By WekAtakKacjang

The members of the National Democratic Movement have refuted the statement that was made by the deputy Chairman of NDM Thompson T.Teny of impeaching their leader Dr. Lam Akol describing it as‘bogus and a storm in a teacup’.

“We would like to refute in no uncertain terms this bogus claim, it is ludicrous as it is false,” according to press statement extended to Juba Monitor.

The statement read in part, “Thompson T. Teny, a senior member of the NDM should know better how our system in the party operates.”

“Let him provide the public with the names of those who took that alleged decision and in which organ of the party and the minutes thereof,

The Chairman of the party is elected and may be relieved by the National Delegates Congress because Article 12 (2) of our basic rules specifies the procedure for convening the NDC,” reads the statement.

The statement stated that there shall be a preparatory committee for convening the national leadership council on the recommendation of the national Executive committee.

“We in the National Executive Committee are not aware that something of the sort has taken place, this is just a storm in a teacup. The truth is that Thompson T.Teny is under suspension awaiting investigation for serious violations of our basic rules.

We still hope that he will appear before the investigation committee instituted to investigate him so that he clears his name.

However, should the reported statements ascribed to him prove to be authentic, then we will not hesitate to take further measures against him in accordance with our Basic Rules,” it reads.

Meanwhile, the acting spokesperson, who is also a member of Political Affairs Committee, of National Democratic Movement Peter Lomude Francis said that the statement, which was made by Thompson T. declaring himself as the chairman of NDM, is as ludicrous as it is false.

“To be clear, Dr. Lam Akol is a legitimate Chairperson of the party. The statement of his Deputy which was issued yesterday is an individual statement,” Lomude said.

On Wednesday, the Party Deputy Chairman, Thompson T.Tenydeclared himself as the new chairman for National Democratic Movementclaiming that the party had impeached its Chairman Dr. Lam, a statement which was later dismissed by Dr. Lam.

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