CONFUSION-Marred students’ convention

Candidates and supporters in a group photo after boycotting the convention

By Yiep Joseph

Mix reactions and controversies emerged at the first general students’ union convention which kicked off in Jubayesterday with two antagonistic groups of delegates from across the states.

The long-awaited convention kicked off with a breakaway group boycotting the event citing a series of alleged unconstitutional procedures used in the process of conducting the convention. A move that left many delegates wondering as they continued with the convention and its proceedings. 

A group of delegates comprised of the contestants for the union chair boycotted the event and accused the Minister of High Education of siding with one group without following the constitutional procedures of the convention.   

Deng Kur Mading, Zahra Rizik Zacharia, and Maria David Machuor all contestants for the position of the chairperson boycotted the convention with their supporters citing several alleged unconditional amendments of the students’ constitution.

In a separate media briefing Deng Kur Mading one of the contestants who boycotted the convention called the Minister to stay away and stop interfering with students’ activities.

“We need the Minister to stay out of the students’ politics and allow free, fair, and democratic elections without interfering,” Deng said.

“We are angered by the act of the minister who came late and started the convention when the delegates were few. The delegates did not meet the quorum as per the constitution,” the group claimed

This came after several postponements of the event by the electoral committee leadership due to several reasons known best to them.

However, efforts to reach the Minister of Higher Education for comments were futile.

The convention would focus on organizing students, setting some rules to guide the union, and lastly election to bring in new leadership.

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