Confusion in Gen. Olony’s appointment

By Chany Ninrew

SPLM-IO has revealed that President Salva Kiir has finally agreed to appoint Johnson Olony as the Governor of Upper Nile after months of political deadlocks and controversies over the issue.

The Minister of Petroleum who is also a senior member of the SPLM-IO, Puot Kang Chol reportedly said that they were previously informed about the President’s final agreement to appoint their chosen general as the governor.

However, Presidential Press Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny when contacted yesterday said he was not aware of the intended appointment of Gen. Olony

Earlier minister Chol was reportedly quoted as saying“Well, we were previously informed that the President has agreed to appoint the Governor of Upper Nile but I cannot be in a better position to tell you what will transpire next. I don’t know, we are therefore humbly urging His Excellency the President to speed up the appointment of Gen. Olony so that they are not left behind,” Kang was quoted by Eye Radio.

However, two senior government officials from President Kiir’s camp declined to confirm the allegations.

When contacted by Juba Monitor, both the Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth and Ateny said that they had not been informed of the alleged breakthrough.

“Well, if the President had agreed then he (Olony) would have been appointed. He has a position on the nomination of Olony as the governor because he sees that his appointment is actually a risk and may bring instability in the state and as well as in South Sudan, so he has requested his First Vice President to select another person, but the Vice President still insisted that Olony is their only choice, and up to this moment, I have not learned if anything has changed,” Makuei said.

 Ateny said he has no clue on the issue.

“No, I have no clue or anything that I can confirm about Johnson Olony. I know that the SPLM-IO has come closer to signing a deal on who to be the governor of Upper Nile State but I have not been informed as to whether that one will be Olony or somebody else,” said Ateny.

Upper Nile was the only state left without a governor since President Salva Kiir appointed state governors in June.

The President has declined several times to appoint Johnson Olony as governor on the ground that he is out of SPLM-IO command and control.

Recently, thousands of civilians in Malakal staged a peaceful demonstration asking the President to appoint a governor to end what they called targeted killings in the state.

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