Confusion as students form parallel committee

By Kidega Livingstone

The leadership of South Sudan General Students’ Union said some group of students forged the stamp of the union and made a self-declaration as a parallel steering committee.

The Students Union was formed by the then Minister of General Education and Instruction Deng Deng Hoc through a Ministerial order in January. The union was formed to organize general assembly meetings.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, South Sudan General Students’ Union spokesperson, Akol Maduok Akol said that the group made a self-declaration and produced a stamp and headed paper bearing the name of the Union without the knowledge of the student’s union and Ministry of Higher education.

He described the formation of the parallel committee as “total confusion to the public” because there was no way the leadership declaration is done without authorization and knowledge of the concerned government institutions.

“The current body came into being on the 16th Jan 2020 through ministerial order No.1/2020 with the ultimate mandate to organize the general assembly meeting for the union and the committee is now ready to accomplish the task given by the government but the only challenge is the coronavirus pandemic which has affected the globe,”Maduok said yesterday at Juba Monitor premises in Juba.

“The committee is currently waiting for the lifting of protocols and rules designed by the ministry of health  for the prevention of the spreading of the virus in order to conduct the general assembly meeting of the students’ union” he added.  

In his part, Secretary   for Strategic Planning South Sudan Students’ General Union, Nelson Lomeri Samuel said that the students should be patient enough to wait for the right time for meeting.

“We urged the general public that the only way for getting the right position should be through ministerial order. Do not just sit at the tea place and declare youself through social media,” said Lomeri.

This is the unity government we need to learn from it to work together. If the students start following the wrong politics, how will they rule the country in future,” Lomeri asked.

However, in the Statement seen by Juba Monitor, the parallel group declared Mr Akok Deng Achien as the chairman of the steering committee and Mr. Henry Darteyo Ladu Legge Secretary General as delegate representative.

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