Conflicts threaten peace

Akol Arop Akol

Conflict is a common destructive element affecting our communities and it exists in many forms such as political, domestic and communal conflicts.

They are caused as a result of personal, group or ethnical differing views but the overall reason for conflict is based on interest, pride and greed for power.

The case is seen today when one is appointed, he or his people would send congratulatory messages to many media outlets applauding the boss for trusting their colleague. But once duty ends or is terminated, they become maddened.

When things go wrong and someone gets dismissed, what I thought the fired should do is to thank that particular person who appointed them and then work hard outside there to be given a different duty. Unfortunately, most people turn to grudges.

The personal conflict then starts when a person is not at peace within himself, or if he’s always faced by hardship in decision making, having low self-esteem, poor regulation of temper and interaction with others. These alone leave the mind in dilemma of whether to follow the wrong or the right path.

The personal conflict can be caused by wanting more of what one has yet it cannot be achieved as expected. Personal conflict is also caused by state of comparison, or simply put, when one envies another person’s status.

The failure for one to handle his expectation spreads into the community and affects others.

When parents show their innocence and say the environment doesn’t fever them, the focus is then on the government. And as the citizenship states that every citizen is entitled to all duties and the rights to demand what life requires, they put hopes on leaders.

These representatives called leaders are like cooks, they are there to cook the resources that were already there. They should know how to serve everyone equally irrespective of age, gender, and ethnicity.

Their inability to see the disabled and the hungry in need causes conflict and thus, there are always people to talk on behalf of others while others join conflict in the name of vulnerable groups just to survive.

Today, conflict is believed to have been caused by struggle for power. Yes, it’s quite true but before admitting it that way, people should first ponder on how different they could have used the State power if they were the holders.

The Former and Late American President in his memorable quote said “Nearly all men can stand adversity. If you want to see the true color of a man, give him power.”

Protagonists tell their subordinates that conflict happens because their interest, rights and territories are being defended.

Today, the personal and interpersonal conflicts can’t be differentiated. Once there is a group or communal conflict, individuals involve themselves and fight for what will not benefit them. Again, those having personal problems at home related to responsibility or livelihood would take the burden outside and expect government to be answerable.

It can be simply proven, by asking why children are flooding the streets and why are families torn apart. The excuses have always been financial challenges. When traced deeply, this happens as a result of ravaging national conflict.

These conflicts happening everywhere, in town, at grassroots, on highways or abroad in camps are negatively affecting the peace.

As long as there are groups of people that didn’t receive the messages of peace agreement, they may still be in conflict at home or among their communities. Peace is a language every human can understand if well interpreted.

The civil societies, church groups and the media are doing their best in informing and transforming their communities to stand on moral values.

Government officials need to go themselves to interact with the civilians and translate to them the peace they are signing. They have to set aside conflict of interest and bring what majority need only by ending conflict and bringing lasting peace.

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