CONFLICTS-delegates told to find lasting formula

By James Atem Kuir

Delegates to the National dialogue conference have been urged to exhaustively discuss issues related to governance, security, economy and social cohesion and suggest practical ways to resolve them.

Addressing delegates at the National Conference of the National Dialogue yesterday, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol Vice President for Service Cluster reiterated government’s commitment to addressing the root causes of the conflict in the country.

“We are committed to addressing the root causes of the conflict in the country. Attuned to that, we believe R-ARCSS, 2018 and the National dialogue are two sides of a coin-both geared towards answering the problems in question.

“Our government urges all here to exert full efforts; discuss without fear or favor,” VP Akol said.

He admitted that the country just ended civil war which has imposed enormous suffering on the people.

 “The National dialogue is our version of endorsing homegrown answers to indigenous problems. We declare the national conference in Juba to become the basis for the full participation of our citizens in building national cohesion,” he said.

“This must be done in accordance with honest reconciliation that produces peaceful co-existence.

We expect National Dialogue to exhaust the related issues of governance, security, economy and social cohesion during the period of its deliberation so as to make simple the issues facing our government so far,” VP Akol added.

 Angelo Beda the co-chair of the National Dialogue steering committee stressed that the dialogue complements the current peace agreement in addressing the root causes of conflict in the country.

“It is our view that the political agreement signed in 2018 is a top down process dominated by the political elites whose primary motivation had been in power; be it military, political or financial.

The National Dialogue process, on the hand, is a bottom up process where ordinary people discuss issues, which they believe affect them in terms of relation with the state and among themselves,” Beda said.

 “We therefore believe that two processes are each one-half of the other and when you put them together make a complete whole,” Beda said.

The National Conference will be deliberating until November, 15th; thereafter final recommendations will be handed to the presidency.

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