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Conditions of hospitals in Juba

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days, there were a lot of people who died of different kinds of diseases, some were killed,while others had accidents during Christmas and New Year holidays. I don’t know how many people died in the Christmas and New Year period of times. If you want to know the data of the dead and injured people, you can get them in the hospitals and police stations.

The point here was the condition of hospitals to accommodate sick people and space for keeping dead bodies was terrible.  According to the information Juba Monitor got, was that,Giada hospital has no power for three months, maybe because it doesn’t have a generator or money to buy units from JEDCO.

 However, it is one of the government hospitals that has been accommodating many dead bodies. I learned also that there was no space for keeping dead bodies as its only mortuary is too small to keep a number of corpses. Yesterday, there was a dead body returned home for the reason that no space and the place was smelling very bad.

Thus, the administration of each hospital should keep mortuaries clean. It is a place to all of us when we pass on in this world. We need to be kept in a clean place and taken care of.

 Keeping the environment clean can reduce diseases from our bodies.  The dirty hospital adds more diseases to the patients and those who accompany dead bodies, therefore all hospital environments are expected to remain clean throughout. But it depends on the administration of the hospitals everywhere.  Nobody can come and clean it for you every day, unless there is an organization that commits itself to do that as part of the support. Any administrator of the hospital should pay attention to the conditions of the people and keeping environment clean.

Let us do what we can to live according to the standards of hospitals in the world. Today you ignore to keep dead bodies in a clean place, little you know that tomorrow is you as all of us are going to leave this world when time comes.

May God bless us all.

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