It is now a month since the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly was formed and no further step concerning the status quo of the non-functioning national parliament in the country was taken.

It is nearly two years the country has been operating without functioning legislature which is tasked to oversee and approve national agendas needed therein. Till when shall the nation wait to have active parliament in place? Besides, this calls the council of statesto complete it. As such, these delays put the public in suspense concerning the will of the parties to agreement, willingness to implement the peace.

The executive cannot work in isolation withoutan active parliament. The executive cannot solely decide on tentative country’s vast planning for the years or major projects needed to be executed in the country. Analyst as well as members of the civil society have echoed that the national government has been running its activities only on one sided of the arms of government. Such dealings will never take the country forward. The experts also stated that the country has not been able to pass the annual budget which entails how the country should executes its activities accordingly. But it has been operating using unknown budget scheme due to absence of operating parliament that supposed to pass the yearly budget intended for the country’s affairs. So, if such scenario of the delay tactic continues then, how will this year’s budget be passed? The parliament is a source of power house for a given country. If it is not operating, there will be darkness in the country. An effort to settle the parliamentarymatters like constitution making can be monitored by a busy legislature.

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