Complete fulfilment in life

I often love to start the day reading inspiring messages that lift me up enough to go full speed ahead and start my day off with a bang. However, only once, I read something that made the blood in my veins freeze instantly.

When I read this quote, my whole life flew past me. It really does sound like a definition out of hell, especially when you know that there is only one life. Somehow we repeat this to ourselves, often, but still, a lot of people are not ready to move in the direction of their dreams, blaming different circumstances for their situation in life.

After I read this powerful quote, some voices, or my inner roommates, as I like to call them, started to speak truly loud: ‘Do you live the way you want to live?’, ‘Are you honestly where you want to be?’ Do you act from your ego or from your heart? ‘Are you using your full potential?’ and most importantly ‘Do you live your dreams?’

And honestly, how many of us would change our lives if we knew that there are only a few days left? What would we do differently? Most likely everything! But the ironic thing is, our time really is limited!

I remember once when my close friend was fighting cancer; in his last months, even though he didn’t know they were his last; he wanted to make things right with all the people he ever wronged or had hurt him. It didn’t matter. He wanted to be free of that and live every day peacefully, without the pressure of anger, resentment, and guilt. He experienced confrontation, something that truly negatively affects our health if we hold things inside of us. And it set him free, I remember, a lot of things that I used to tell him, thinking that it was a problem, and he would just tell me: ‘Does it really matter Nana?’

And he was right. And that’s how life should be lived; from the heart; connecting with your inner source and your full potential of love, kindness, creativity, and uniqueness. He passed away, but he showed all of us around him in his last months the definition of life and love. It’s life without an ego.

Experiencing a loss of someone so close to me who was so young, having his entire life ahead of him, I said to myself, something we all say to ourselves very often when we realize how small our problems actually are compared to ‘real’ problems and how ungrateful we can be, ‘I will never let myself stress over things that are not significant!’.

However, soon I got into my old habits, putting a lot of times other people needs in front of my own, stressing over things that don’t matter and wasting time on things that I can’t control. I allowed myself to be drained by energy vampires in many situations and then when you are drained, you can’t give love to yourself and of course, in those moments life can’t love us back.

And this experience, truly shaped me, changed me and polished me completely. And what have I learned from it? I would say everything. Most of all, I finally connected with myself completely. Because life will give you whichever experience is more helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.

A lot of people that I know are not entirely fulfilled if they are totally honest with themselves. They miss some ingredient for complete fulfilment; that inner fulfilment when life is alive inside of you and you shine. And you feel truly free; as if you can fly.

So what‘s standing in our way to our complete fulfilment? Usually, it’s just ourselves, our fears and our limited mind that blocks us.

So how do we break our own limits? First of all, the key is getting rid of everything that pulls you down. How will you ever go upwards if someone or something is pulling you down?

Forgive. Get to know yourself. Look for opportunities. Be unique. And be present.

You can’t change what you are not conscious of. The only thing you can do to be aware of yourself and the world around you is to be present. It is the most beautiful state and emotion, to be able to strongly feel every second of our life and to learn from it.

Take chances. Tell the truth. Read this as many times as it takes, shift whatever is blocking you and enjoy the gift of life. Because it truly is a gift!

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