Company urges gov’t to complete contract payment

By Yiep Joseph

The acting Director for Thour jok International Company Limited urged the government to complete contract payment of 11 million dollars and 58 million South Sudanese pounds as balance demanded by the company from Government of South Sudan (GOSS).

The acting Director have been moving in different offices to be helped but all efforts failed.

In an Exclusive Interview with the Juba Monitor, the Acting Director of the company Kuot Kiir Deng mentioned that the company was contracted to help in road constructions and other small contracts such as food supply in areas of Warrap and lake state by GOSS government in the year 2006 and up to now the payment has not yet been done.

“We started our work in 2006, repatriate people to South Sudan, supply foodand worked on many roads in the areas of Wau, Warrap and cueibet but GOSS did not pay us up to now” Kuot said.

“Government officials promised to pay us several time but up to now they failed, meeting the president is also hard ,so that we can explain our issue to him in person,” kuot complained.

“We call on our president to help us since he is the only person to help us. In this case,the president and officials happened to witness our activities in those areas during that time,” he said.

He revealed that the government in various areas where they worked promised to pay them after the work and failed to do so up to now.

“We signed contract in warrap state to worked on 27 kilometers road from Wau to Warrap during the time of governor Bol Madut, the new governor by the name Tor Deng Mawien blocked us from work and promised to pay our money for the work already done but he later failed to do so,” he added.

He also added that the company also constructed 48 kilometers road in Tonj and the payment was not completed by the government.

“We worked in tonj during the time of late commissioner MatemGoch and we constructed 48 kilometers road in the area and the payment was not done,” he mentioned.

He revealed that the company did a lot of development in areas of warrap and lakes state but has not been paid in most occasions.

Kuot narrated that after the 2013 crisis the company officials went back to Sudan leaving most of their machines behind in the south.

“We left for Sudan during the war in 2013 and when we were back in 2016, J1 war came in and it interrupted everything,” he said.

However, the Project Engineer Diing Tong Ngor mentioned that the company experienced a lot of losses which the government did not pay.

“We request the government to pay our money we spent on all the projects and losses incurred by the company,” Ngor said.

He added that the only persons to help them out is the president and officials who were present during that time.

“We tried all means to get back our money but it failed, the only thing left is for the presidency to help us,” he added.

He revealed that the company has all the documents to present and claim for payment from this current government only that it is hard to meet the top leadership.

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