Community up in arms to remove Ruweng chief administrator

By Bullen Bala Alexander

RuwengCommunity is demanding the removal of the Chief Administrator ofRuwengAdministrative Area saying they are dissatisfied about disappearance of 5 percent of oil money allocated tothe community.

The document seen by Juba Monitor, signed by Ruweng chiefs, youths and women group, accused the Chief Administrator for sponsoring division amongst the Ruweng communities and other bad activities in the area.

“Ruweng people, chiefs, youth and women have lost faith in the chief Administrator therefore demanding the departure and arrest of Mr. Chol to secure 5% finances and revenues of oil producing communities and civil servants’ salaries in the area,” the letter read.

When contacted, MathayaMathiang Kiir the Secretary for Information in Ruweng Youth Association said the entire Ruweng people condemned what the Administrator was doing and their demand should be respected in order to have peace of mind in the area.

“We the Ruweng people and the undersigned representatives of the Ruweng people, Chiefs, Youth and Women and the oil producing communities in strongest terms possible condemn and demand expeditious departure of Mr. CholAwanlith on the following grounds,”Mr. Mathiang said.

Mathiang revealed that Mr.Chol’s activities of sponsoring division of Panraru communities, playing Alor community against Panaru community, sponsoring criminal elementsharbored in nearby Guit county aided by his advisors and in networking with his friends to invade areas of Biu, Touch, Miadiing, Panakuach and Wunkur have resulted into displacement of citizens, looting of Ruweng cattle, properties, lands and openly denied supports and protection to South Sudanese Ruweng civilians and their properties in these areas. This is plainly proved by the finances granted to the criminal elements’ authorities in question.

According to him the Chiefs, Youth and Women aretaking these measures to rescuepeople’s lives, land, properties/cattle, and oil funds and for the sole unity of Ruweng and South Sudanese people in Ruweng Administrative Area.

“We are determinedly giving Mr. CholAwanlith 72 hours to submit his resignation to H.E the President of the Republic of South Sudan and SPLM to save his personal dignity before public court of justice.”

“We also demand that he must return all the assets including the civil servants’ salaries, two and three finances and revenues meant for oil producing communities and development of the Ruweng Administrative Area – failure would be met with legal suits with severe consequences,” he added.

He said that Ruweng people lost trust in Mr. Cholthe Chief administrator and his entire administration and placed in him voteof no confidence through this protest with unwavering resolves.

However, he said the Ruwengpeople with heroism and resiliency remained committed to justice, peace, unity and prosperity for the people of South Sudan.

Last year officials of former Ruweng State accused the Chief Administrator for not paying their salaries of five months and blocking them from asking the salary.

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