Community protests land sale in Merelotor

By Sheila Ponnie

Residents of Merelotor (Jebel Dinka) are protesting against the sale of their land to a private company.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Peter Tombe Ladu the area chief said the land given to them by the then Jubek State authorities in 2015 has been sold out to a local investor.

He said the land was given to 702 community members, adding that the same piece of land has been sold out to a certain company by the state authorities.

“Now that peace has come, the community came back to clear the land with expectation of settling in the area unfortunately they were told not to continue clearing the land because it belongs to someone else,” Ladu explained.

“When we questioned who gave the land to the company we were informed that the land was given by the land survey,” Ladu explained.

He said they did not want any violence as people were for peace, adding the company must stop its activities in the area till the issue is resolved.

Ustaze Elisa Laku Timayo, a resident of the area who also works at city council said, “I was hopping that I have a land but when I went to clear the land for farming, unfortunately we found some people with bulldogger clearing the land and we were informed the land belongs to someone.”

Acting Director of Land Survey Ali Hajji said the issue has been raised to the administration of the state government.  

“A letter was written to the company to stop the construction and we agreed to meet the chief on Monday in order to solve the issue and it is not only one company. There are three companies and we want to solve the issue amicably,” Ali said.

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