Community policing needed to combat robbery

The Director General of Education in Jubek State Ministry of Education, Gender and Social Welfare, Reverend Daniel Swaka is recommending for community policing as the immediate solution to combat frequent robbery in most schools including Juba Day Secondary School.

Rev. Swaka was responding to accusations made by the headmasters of Juba Day and Rejaf Secondary Schools that they had reported frequent robbery to the Ministry of Education but the feedback was that Jubek state does not have its own police.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in his office yesterday, Rev. Swaka advised the school administrations to approach the local chiefs where the schools are located in order to employ community police to guard all the schools in Juba from robbers as an immediate solution to the menace.

“Community policing can reduce this robbery because every young persons there knows themselves. They know who is good or bad. Some thieves may be from the learners themselves. Do you think they are angels?” he asked.

“Nobody coming from far away can know that there is something good in that office,” he wondered.

On Tuesday, the headmaster of Juba Day Secondary School George Kenyi suspected some students of having a hand in the frequent robbery in Juba Day Secondary School.

However Rev. Swaka urged the school administrations that have experienced constant robbery to meet the administrators of police stations in Juba so that they could deploy police to secure the government institutions from robbers.

“Concerning the policemen to be provided, the administrations of the schools should meet any police station administrators whether it is Malakia Police Station or any other station because that is a government institution,” he said.

“He said the Ministry of Education or the state government does not have a big police force to be distributed to all these schools because they also need a budget for their sustainability. And you know the situation where we are now; we are now on the 31st of May yet we are waiting for the salaries of February, 2017,” he said.

He appealed to the government to reconstruct Juba Day and Rejaf Secondary Schools with permanent materials as they were constructed using prefabricated materials since 1980s.

“What I would suggest is that schools like Juba Day together and Rejaf which are operating in the same premises should be constructed using permanent materials because the buildings are overdue.  I would suggest to the government to reconstruct those structures with permanent materials with iron windows and doors to put away thieves and robbers,” he said.

“The school is overdue since 1983 up to this year, it is overdue as the prefabs can easily be pushed with hard materials,” Rev. Swaka added.

He attributed the frequent robbery of Juba Day and most schools in Juba town to the current economic situation in the country.

“The present economic situation has put these thieves to no rest completely. There was one time Juba Commercial was broken into and the thieves wrote on the ‘wall that we also have the right to live’,” Rev. Swaka said.

By Sworo Charles Elisha

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