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Community leaders trained on conflict prevention

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Diocesan Counselling Centre, a Faith Based Organization of the Catholic Diocese of Yei trained more than 24 members of communities’ leaders in Yei River county of central Equatoria state on conflict prevention and management.

The training included chiefs, Youth, women representatives and persons with disability on conflict prevention management, peace building and leadership skills.

Speaking during the opening of the two-day workshop, John Lemeri Joseph, the Program Manager, explained that the training aimed to empower the participants on conflict transformation and peace building.

The objective of the training is to instill knowledge and skills in conflict resolution and peace building.

Another objective was to enable the trained members change and adopt new ways of doing things to minimize conflict.

The programme also aimed at creating a safe space for expression and sharing of positive and constructive ideas for community development.

“We have a training of community members on conflict, transformation, peace building and leadership skills. The objectives of this training is to gauge participants understanding of conflict prevention, mitigation and peace building to equip them with leadership skills as the Diocese, we always engage the community members so that they can help the communities when conflict arise so that they have the leadership skills and basic skills on conflict prevention mitigation and management to promote peaceful coexistence in the communities. The second objective is to create a safe space for expression and sharing of ideas so that we get to know what is happening in the community and what is required as well as what we can do as Diocese to prevent occurrence of issues in our communities,” explained John.

Meanwhile, Tom Poru Martin, the director for Diocesan Counselling Centre said the training aimed at peaceful coexistence among the communities.

He emphasizes on peaceful coexistence to pave way for peace and development in south Sudan and Yei in particular.

Fr Martin advised the participants to continue searching for peace and urged them to share and extend the knowledge gained during the training with the community.

“We are here today for a very important topic and that is peaceful coexistence. If you see all the NGOs coming to south sudan and particularly Yei during this difficult time, their emphasis is peaceful coexistence because without peace, anything cannot take place and usually when they come, they do it once and go away and leave people to zero level. but Diocese wants to do it as a continuous program because the search for peace is is not a one or two days take this program to the residential areas and share with the people. There are very many factors that has caused luck of peace in this, take the training serious and be the ambassadors of peace in your areas,” Martin advised.

The religious leader urged the trainees to be ambassadors of peace in the county, state and be exemplary in the country.

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