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Community dialogue began in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

Action for Community Transformation Initiative South Sudan in collaboration with AMALNA South Sudan conducted a one-day stakeholder’s community dialogue in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State.

The workshop targets to engage stakeholders from the local county authority, Youth’s women public and religious institutions, civil society international organizations and business community.

Arike Richard Michael urged the participants to understand the issues that came from the community dialogue and give recommendations on what should be done at the county level

The major objective of this intervention is to encourage Youths on none violent approach to address conflict in the community.

Another objective of the one-day workshop was to act as a forum in which participants at the county level interact and deliberate on the findings of the community-level engagement.

It will help identify way forward for building relationships and healing.

It is also meant for enhancement of collective stakeholder’s access and familiarization with the issues raised at the community level conversations and genuinely contributes meaningful, functional and practical way forward.

“We are having in this forum people from the county local authority, chiefs’ women Youth’s public and religious institutions and business community invited here to get to understand the issues that came out from the community dialogue so that they give recommendations at the county level on what can be done. The major objective of this forum is to encourage Youths so that they have none violent ways to address their problems, especially conflicts that arise individually or as a community,” He explains.

Meanwhile, Wani Bosco Daniel, deputy Yei River County executive director explains that the workshop is for Youths none violent communities in the region.

He added that the forum is to enhance homegrown and transformative Youths led peace-building processes and approaches for reconciliation and social cohesion.

 Wani encouraged the population of the county to ensure that Youths involve in peace activities and dialogue among themselves for peace to prevail.

Bosco regretted that the 2016 crisis in the country has traumatized many Youths which make them engage in criminal activities.

“The workshop is Youth to Youth dialogue for none violent communities in Yei River County. It is to enhance home grown and transformative Youths led peace-building process and approaches for reconciliation and social cohesion. We as people of Yei are supposed to ensure that our Youths are involved in carrying out peace activities and dialogue among themselves because we know that since the 2016 crisis, Youths are traumatized and are engaging in criminal activities in the county,” revealed Wani Bosco.

The workshop was expected to come up with a list of recommendations to address the key issues affecting community cohesion.

It also expected to strengthen the link between all key stakeholders in Yei County in the process of peace building.

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