Community decries shortage of clean water in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

Community in Yei County of Central Equatoria State has faced severe shortage of clean water in the area.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Mawa Robert, Yei Town Water and Sanitation Managing Director confirmed that some areas like Kanjoro were not connected to the system of Yei Town water and sanitation services despite a single borehole which was totally contaminated.

“Weare working hard to provide service to help communities for better health promotion. Very soon we are planning to install more water Kiosks to address the challenge affecting the population”, he said.

He believed that it was their mandate to ensure that citizens consume clean water to avoid water related diseases.“We usually receive complains of challenges facing our people around. There are areas which are not connected to our water system and they are appealing for connection so that they access clean water. On the issue of the pre-paid metre, the communities are also very happy because they able to get clean water every time.there is also a borehole in Kanjoro area which is totally contaminated and we are in discussion with the chief of the area to rectify it though my capacity is still small but we are working out to helping the community because that is our mandate,” Robert said.

Mawa disclosed that from January to December 2022, they would increase service with more water kiosks in order for the people to access water.

He urged the community to connect water to their houses in order for everyone to access water within the house.

“Within one Year, especially from 2022 January to December, we are going to increase our services with more kiosks in the town and we are urging the communities to connect water to their house. We are ready to give that service because our target is not the kiosks but house connection so that everyone can access water in his or her own house. People who will access water from the kiosk will be thoserenting because they don’t have the authority to connect to someone’s house,” said Rovert.

Asunta Wosuk, a resident of Hai Simba explained that boreholes were not enough to fetch water as the population keeps on increasing.

She appealed for partners to drill more boreholes to assist the entire population especially during gatherings, funerals or community meetings that brings a big population together which leads to congestion in water points.

“Boreholes are not enough because the number of people keep increasing which result to overcrowding in the water points. I appeal to the government and partners to drill more boreholes in the areas to reduce the burden of women waiting in a long line to fetch water, sometimes waking up early in the morning which is risky especially during times of insecurity. Water is basic need which need to be taken care of, “appealed Asunta.

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