Community call on gov’t to support nodding syndrome’s victims

By Bakindo Stephen-Maridi

  The community  in  Maridi County, Western Equatoria State  have  called   on  the   government   to join hands with the NGOS  to   fight   the   brain  disorder   diseases  termed as nodding  and  epilepsy in Maridi.

The community members made the  calls  during   a  one  day  community  consultative  meeting  organized by AMREF with  support  from  Italian agency for  cooperation   and  development.

  The program aimed at responding to a cross sectorial needs of   community affected by nodding and other forms of   epilepsy.

Speaking  during   the  meeting   Mudubai  Chief  Sulutan   Justin  Badi Malish  appreciated   AMREF organization for  helping  the  community of  Maridi.

“We   would like  the  government of   South  Sudan  to join  hands   with  the  NGOs  because  it is our  population   which is  reducing and  we  need  our  children   to  be  fine,”  Chief Mudubai  said.

  Mariam  Bali  strongly   urged   the organization  who  are  working on  the  nodding  syndrome  program  to   give  more   support  to   the  community saying   the  support  they  are  receiving  is  not  enough.

 “This  people  are  giving   drugs   to  this  children  and  they  are  saying   this  children   should  be  clean.  How  can  half  a  bar  of  soap   wash  cloth  for  one  month? They  also need  these children  to  eat  well,   some  mothers  are  very poor   some  of  us  our  children   are  affected  with this sickness. We are not happy with those who lost their children and all their parents are affected by this sickness” she explained.

The Field Coordinator for AMREF, nodding Syndrome in Maridi, Mr.  Samuel  Cadhor said  the  project will start  to  support 50  beneficiaries   under  food  security  component  of   the  project.

Cadhor  advised  the  committee   to  give   support  to  their  children   saying  people  should take care and   refers nodding  victims to the hospital for treatment.

“This children   need your care  don’t  send  them to  the river  alone, let  them  not  sit next  to  the  fire,  give  them  food   and support  them if  they full down,”  he  said.      

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