Communities receive six wash facilities

Mr. Kwany Dan Dau (L), Executive Director of Nurture South Sudan, Mr. Mitsuhiro Toyama, Japanese Embassy Deputy Head of Mission (M) and Peter Ayuen Jol, Juba II Paramount Chief after signing the handing over document (Photo: Manyuon Mayen)

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Communities in the east of Shirkat have received six wash facilities on Saturday. The area nicknamed Juba II received the wash facilities comprising of three boreholes and three communal latrines for the civil population who have been facing hygiene and sanitation problems in the area. The facilities were handed over by Nurture South Sudan, a national organization through its project supported by the people of Japan.

Kwany Dan Dau, Executive of Nurture South Sudan said the support was jointly intended to improve hygiene and sanitation in the area. “In these communities, there were no water sources and so we intended through the support from Japan to provide water to the communities of Juba II,” he stated.

“On the sanitation facilities, there were also no latrines so we trained community members on how to construct latrines using local materials. So far we have constructed them such that hygiene and sanitation of the community remains perfect at all time,” Mr. Dau said. Mr. Dau added that they have trained committees from community leaders, women and children to ensure proper management of the constructed boreholes and latrines. He stated that his administration with the Japanese government would look at other possible ways to render more assistance to Juba II.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mitsuhiro Toyama, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Japan said that the Japanese government was ever optimistic to offer various water projects as well as other supports through government and local organizations both within Jubek and other states. He stressed that their understanding of the wash facilities provision was that water is a key to life.
“We know that so many people in South Sudan have constraints about water. So we are committed to continue to offer that assistance to all states of South Sudan,” Mr. Toyama said.

The Deputy Head of Mission further added that Japanese government was highly committed to supporting South Sudan’s peace process since peace was fundamental to bring about complete stability in the communities.
He assured that they will continue to support people of South Sudan through peace process and other areas of constraints.

On the other hand Peter Ayuen Jol, Juba II Paramount Chief appreciated Japanese government for their constant support to the people of South Sudan. “As people of Japan, you are our immediate and helpful partners. Keep on supporting us especially here in Juba II. There are still five blocks here in my areas that have no water. I hope you will respond to that,” he revealed. He said Juba II is an integrated settlement by people from different states and counties.

According to an initial assessment, Juba II was home to 22,800 people but currently the population has increased by 15 percent.

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