Communities in Rejaf County demands for new payam

By Kidega Livingstone

The communities of Somba and Gorom Boma in Rejaf County of Jubek State have demanded for the creation of a new payam as promised by the state government.

The communities had earlier proposed the new Payam (administrative unit) to be Kamorokan Payam and that they are ready to take up the administration challenges that may come after the creation of the new Payam.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Wednesday, the Deputy Secretary of Gorom Boma, Francis Oliver Kenyi, said the demand was a follow up of the promised made to them by the Rejaf County Commissioner and Jubek State governor sometimes back.

“We are aware of the fact that the devolution of authority is an affirmation of the principles of self-reliance and self-governance as per the Article 18 (2) (a) of the local government Act 2009,” Kenyi said.

He added saying, “The people of the proposed” ‘Kamorokan Payam’ are more than ready to take up the challenges and vow not to disappoint the governor and his administration at any point, for they know what they want and why they wanted it.”
He claimed that area has been marginalized for so long and that the two communities are confident that the new Payam if created, it will be a reality given the fact that the current political trend in their country’s policy statement is of “taking the towns to the people.”

Mr. Kenyi stressed that the demand for the proposed Payam at Kamorokan was based on communities’ commitment to the “Vision and Mission” expected from the County. “This is protecting the territorial integrity of the County and ensuring equitable and accessible service delivery to all inhabitants in the county,” he said.

The proposed Kamorokan Payam borders Luri County to the North, Dollo County to the West, Greater Kansuk (Digalla) Payam to the South, Greater Loggo and Greater Tokiman Payams to the East.
According to Mr. Kenyi, the community members are all aware of the border disputes in all these areas and the County is the looser due to the fact that there is no presence of the government in those areas and the people of Gorom and Somba Bomas have grouped themselves together because they have a close geographical proximity and easy administration.

The communities in the area of Rejaf County last month proposed two new Payams of; Rejaf East Payam that covers the areas from the Nile to Nesitu, comprising of Nyonki, Mononyik East and Nyori and Rejaf Central Payam that covers the western bank along the Nile to Kansuk.

Last week, the Governor of Jubek State, Augustino Jadalla Wani, said money that comes from the national and state governments could not complete the budget line of Jubek State the fact that he said forced his government officials to take loan for paying the arrears of two months’ workers salaries.
The governor stressed that since the implementation of the revenue collection Act, some tax items have been grabbed by the national government such as logbooks, production of vehicles’ number plates, stickers and driving licenses.

He said although it was supposed to be the responsibility of the states to collect revenue from such items as stipulated in the interim constitution of the Republic of South Sudan article number 179.

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