Communities in Mangalla undertake trauma, conflict mitigation training

By Correspondent

At least over 20 participants drawn from diverse ethnic groups living in Mangalla Payam of Juba County, Central Equatoria State are undergoing Trauma and conflict mitigation training there.

The capacity building is meant to promote peace and build resilience among the different communities in the area.

Speaking during the opening session in Mangalla, Peter Malir Biar; the Executive Director for Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) in South Sudan said the training would empower the communities to boost peaceful coexistence.

“This is a beginning to start long term relationship in coordinating communities programs meant to enlighten and empower the people,” he said.

According to Malir, the exercise was imperative to do away with traumatic scenarios the locals experienced in the past years; being the floods or wars.

“This will better our communities understanding on issues that affect them, and one of them is trauma,” he explained.

The event was being implemented by Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) through a funding from the USAID -Success Program.

CAPaD is a faith-based organization working with young men, women and vulnerable persons to enable peaceful communities.

Mr. Malir identified the initiative as one of the avenues that would help people to understand conflict mitigation and trauma skills.

He urged the youth to take the lead in reshaping and building peaceful societies.

“It is something you should be proud of as community young leaders. We all know that we come from traumatic experiences, natural disasters, wars and ethnic violence. But CAPaD is championing some of these key programs to ensure the communities’ leaders are equipped to reach out to the relatives, friends and the public and to become change makers,” Malir said.

Mr. Malir is optimistic that the conflict dynamic would be changed by young people adding that it help them to change the society.

Guot Kiir Guot, the CAPaD Field Coordinator said it was high time for communities to live in peaceful coexistence; a move he believes was behind the training.

 “We need you to live as one community with unity of diversity. You will not consider yourselves as tribes but as one community with the same objective of living in peaceful coexistence,” he said.

The Coordinator revealed that the organization would empower the trainees on the strategies to achieve the objective and sustain it accordingly.

These include how to achieve living in peaceful coexistence and to get rid of trauma especially among the displaced persons.  

Gai Jacob Bol Awan, a participant at the training said the initiative would help them to embark on trauma awareness within the communities.

“As IDPs (displaced persons), we have a lot of trauma among the people as a result of conflicts, natural disasters like flooding and so forth, so we are going to train locals on how to get relieved from the stress,”

We would have learned how to advise the traumatized people as we are being trained here, he added.

Achok Alier, a female participant said “it is going to help us by advising our community members on how to control their angers when there are difficulties”.

According to the young lady, she would act as change ambassador in preaching trauma and conflict mitigation measures.

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