Communities decry lack of children’s school fees

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Parents of school-going children in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State are complaining of lack of money for the payment of school fees for their children in Yei-River County.

Julius Taban, one of parents and resident of Jigomoni Residential Area complained that there is no job to do in order to get money for paying the teachers.

“I appeal to teachers to understand the situation of parents as they keep struggling for the school fees.The conflict has seriously crippled those who used to get their money through agriculture which is affected because rural areas are not accessible for cultivation,”

He added that the challenge faced is the payment of the school fees because there is no job that we can do to pay our children at schools, everything is in God’s hands when God gives us, we shall make it. We also call for the teachers to have patience and understand our situation as parents and to the parents who have nothing in hand, they should remain calm like me till they get money for paying their children”, he regrets.

Deputy Head teacher of Jigomoni Primary School Waran Emmanuel says some parents are poor, making it difficult for their children to study.

Emmanuel appeals for increase and timely payment of teachers’ salaries to improve their living standards and offer quality service to the students.

“Some parents are in poverty and low level of income and others are not working and others continue tilling the land until when harvest comes, this is the time when they have money due to the insecurity there is also shortage of food hindering parents we expect salaries to be paid in time and allocations according to the grading should be increased”, he notes.

A pupil of Jigomoni Primary School Lidia Amani, points out that they face challenges at schools because some parents are not taking proper care of their children.

She advises parents to avoid separation but remain united as a family in order to share the responsible and burden of caring for children.

“The challenge facing us as students in schools is that, some parents don’t care about their children and the children are suffering because if they ask something they don’t give them, for example my parents separated and I am now living with the grandmother so my father is the one paying all of us in school, but sometimes if they have some challenges at home, it becomes difficult for them to pay us in school”, she says.

Many school girls have been lost to marriage and others became street children during the closure of schools due to the global covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Parents thanked the government of south Sudan, especially the leadership of Yei county commissioner for initiating re-opening of the schools after nearly one year which helped reduce the number of girls getting married and spoiled.

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