Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Yesterday l had the pleasure of hosting two gentlemen who were on a mission to connect the country with effective internet system that is geared to change communication and any backlog that may interfere with the modern technology. John Agou Wuol and David Dau representing Liquid Telecom, the official contractors of Fibre Optic system from Nimule to Juba, walked in and detailed me on how the launch scheduled for Monday is going to be and what will follow with the scheduled 40 days of intensive work. The details were really encouraging to know that within 40 days the work will be completed and services started to be felt, it was something to put on the table because this was one area which made development lag behind because effective communication is always the key to success. Internet services have been wanting and at least this will come handy apart from creating jobs for the locals. For all to be well, the country needs proper communication, power and clean running water. These are all now in the pipeline and the only bit remaining is the implementation to the final stage. With these in place then the country is geared to full throttle and catch up with the rest of the world. It is a sign and an indication of good things to come after peace has been nurtured and harmonized in all parts of the country. The only fear is that in some cases there have been a lot of talks which do not translate into action. This culture should stop and the culture of action given a chance to lead the way. Some people charged with responsibilities are fond of coming up with roadside or boardroom decisions and announcements which ends up not being implemented. Everyone should be and stand accountable for whatever came from their mouth. They should not always be a letdown to the appointing authorities who have bestowed trust into such people. This country now needs people who are action oriented. Not those who are waking up with doubts in mind and do not understand and do not know the need of the general public. It is just a matter of time that these people will be identified and thinned out of public service delivery dockets. They should be shown the door because of not being compatible to the need of the country and the entire population. What is then the need of keeping them in public service if they cannot meet their side of the bargain? In my skull of thought, the top leadership should go back to the drawing board and only appoint people who will support his cause of service to the people. With the initiated road projects across the country, the fibre optic, water and power on the way, indeed the country is in the top gear of competing effectively in the socio-economic forums with others in the region. This is why everyone worth their value must embrace and nurture peace for sustainability. “Thank you folks for your prayers, my Mom was discharged today from hospital and is healthy at our rural home.”

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