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Committees for unified forces receive screening cash

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The committees for the three regions in South Sudan which had been formed to conduct the screening process for unified forces have received financial funds from the government and would be leaving very soon for the training centres in the country.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services said that President Salva Kiir Mayardit has directed that the process should immediately be expedited to graduate the forces without delay.

“As you know very well, some of the forces have no weapons, but we will have to graduate them with the sticks because the international community is in our neck by saying that we are not serious. We are going to graduate them with sticks,”

He added that the committees were ready to conduct the screening process and would very soon be leaving for the training centres.

Earlier, President SalvaKiirMayardit expressed that the country would graduate forces with the stick as the UN Security Council arms embargo prevented the government from acquiring the weapons for the forces.

 Kiir added that the first challenge was the arms embargo that has limited the government ability to procure arms for troops in training camps.

“We have repeatedly informed the UN system about the negative impact this has on the implementation of Chapter 2 of the Agreement, and all we have received in return are more conditions that do not recognize progress achieved so far,” the president said.

He revealed that the Transitional Government of National Unity would have to graduate the forces without guns as the arms embargo has hampered the standing of the Reconstituted Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGONU).

In July, the government had promised that the graduation of the first batch of 53,000 Unified Forces. But has not materialized due to lack of consensus on the Unified Military Command Structure among the parties in the Unity Government.

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