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Committee to increase list of agenda for discussion

The Steering Committee of the National Dialogue will increase the number of topics for discussion in search of solutions to the problems of the country.

The new agenda to be added on the nine main agenda that were formulated by President Salva Kiir for the committee to dialogue on while meeting people at the grassroots are peace building; healing and reconciliation, reform of national army, return of the refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), land issue, resources and social culture.

Speaking during the Equatoria Regional National Dialogue conference discussion, the former Speaker for National Parliament, Manasseh Magok said that it is very important for other agenda like reformation of the army to national status to be discussed by the steering committee at the grassroot since those in the grassroot know little about the contents of the peace agreement.

“I think to add on the agenda the issue of reformation of the army is very important because it will also address the issue of insecurity in the country,” said Magok.

Among the agenda that were put in place by President Kiir during the declaration of national dialogue   in December for the steering committee to dialogue on  include; security, systems of governance, addressing power struggle, communal conflicts, democracy, national economy, issues of boundaries and addressing national identity.

An anonymous member of the steering committee during the discussion said that the return of the refugees and the Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) should be a priority in the national dialogue in order for the issue of democracy to succeed in the country.

“We are talking about democracy which aims at election, who will participate in election if majority of our people are in refugee camps and others are IDPs,” he said.

For Deng Deng, the steering committee should focus on only four main agenda which include governance, identity, security and resources.

“If we are to ask ourselves what are the problems currently facing South Sudan, those are the issues we need to discuss as the steering committee. In Arusha we came out with only three items that is political, leadership and organization in the SPLM as the family and our discussion should focus on the three issues,” said Deng.


By Kidega Livingstone






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