Odongo Odoyo


By Paul Jimbo

The on-going implementation of the Revitalized Peace deal is at a critical stage and needs full attention.

Over the past few days, several peace monitoring bodies have been issues performances reviews, which include the status of the peace implementation.

Apparently the reports do not paint a positive verdict on the process; instead it paints a glim picture of how slow the process has been despite the extension of the implementation period.

Their verdicts are an indictment to all partners in the peace process and seek to ensure things are fast tracked to beat the four-month away deadline.

Parties involved in the process should positively consume the indictment reports and use it to adjust their pace of implementing the deal.

They should understand that missing the deadline again will send wrong signals to the public and the world that something could be amiss in the whole deal.

The fact that we previously missed set deadlines does not mean we should get it wrong this time round.

Instead we should keenly read and interpret the reports to speed up implementation of the peace deal.

Some of the key areas cited by the monitoring bodies include slow pace of cantonment of forces and formation of special protection forces as stipulated in the peace deal.

For the deal to succeed every party must give his full commitment to its implementation and honest is not an option.

There should be no ill motive or intentions by any party to the peace process.

Remember our partners and friends have invested heavy resources in the process because their wish us well as a country.

Everyone contends to the fact that the process has faced several challenges ranging from lack of resources to mistrust between parties.

We should therefore avoid our past mistakes because our partners can easily run out of patience to bankroll the peace implementation process.

No donor would want to continue pumping his resources where there is no hope, commitment, sincerity and honesty.

That means that we have no option but to get this peace deal right this time round.

To cover much ground, some consistence is needed in the manner in which things are done. The public need to be updated on progress made because full implementation of the peace process will mark the turnaround point for our battered economy.

So far so good, there are signs of some good economic tidings if the number of investors erecting billboards and setting up shops in Juba is anything to go by.

Remember no investor would place his resources in an unstable environment because political stability is directly linked to economic stability.

We have to stand out and defend the sovereignty of the country by remaining patriotic and committed to our socio-economic values.

Part of the reason I have written this commentary is because if we allow any foreign elements to capitalise on our differences then we stand to lose big-time.

We only remain a laughing stock because we would be displaying our extravagance, arrogance and indiscipline in managing our internal affairs.

We should therefore fight hard to protect our image at all costs. We can do this by confirming to the world that we are a mature people who have what it takes to start managing our own state of affairs.

Our enemies are a happy lot when they see us fighting because they read in us a people who need to be spoon fed when that is not the case.

The fact that we are able to co-exist and appreciate our diversity as a people is enough evidence that we have matured and can hold this nation together for posterity.

Our previous indifferences and should provide us with the necessary energy to press the right button this time and ensure the country get back on a path to robust economic recovery.

Equity, they say seeks justice, looks at intent and comes with clean hands and so we must place all cards on the table during the remaining four-month peace implementation period. We must embrace each other, we must talk with each other, we must appreciate our diversities and above all, we must accept the fact that this country belongs to all of us.

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