Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was saddened with one particular news which came from the inner circles of one of the main signatories to the peace agreement, Dr. Riek Machar that he can only come to meet his fellow signatory, President Salva Kiir in Juba if set free by IGAD. This or these kinds of mixtures are not appropriate at a time when peace has taken the centre stage of the country and even when the UN is reporting that more 600,000 IDPs had returned to their respective homes. I am advocate of peace and would wish that my compatriots and fellow colleagues who would be wishing to work in a free world of press should be in the forefront of ensuring peace was attained and restored in all parts of the country. The two main signatories to this agreement have publicly promised that the country will not return to war and that this peace must be a reality. What could prompt different approach or this public announcement which is being propagated from the other side of the coin. It is time to be sober and take stock of only good things that can help leaders move this country forward instead of mixing peace process with other issues which can be dealt with domestically later. It pains to try to imagine that there could be some about turn on this important process which has taken the leadership of this country sleepless nights and daytime criss-crossing the slopes of the world to ensure peace was restored to enable citizens go about their business without fear in their own backyards. It is only a month to the expected formation of government of national unity. It is time to put preparation and work at an advance position; it is not the time for creating doubts in the minds of the public. This is why it is time only the involved principles who should be talking to the population about their planned cause of action. It seems like the other camp is talking through two voices which is not going down well with the present situation. On voice is telling the country the opposite while the other is affirming the spirit of the peace agreement. The President stands his ground that no more war will take place. This is the spirit which should guide the country to the end of final process and formation of the new government. Much have been said and true it should be time to engage in only what can make this country move forward positively and enable all communities to co-exist without too much worry about their cultural background. Let this be the should be consistency in words that are being relayed to the public more so from political point of view instead of having one camp giving contradicting statements. Others matters that are so domestic should not be magnified to the outside world because they are used by forces against peace process to suit their own end. This must be avoided at all costs.

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