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Commissioners call for peace in greater Yei counties

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Commissioner of Morobo and Yei County Commissioner appealed to the entire citizens of Yei, Lainya Kajo-Keji and Morobo to work for peace in the areas.

Joseph Mawa John unveiled that they were working together as commissioners of greater Yei counties to ensure that peace prevailed in the area.

He called on the citizens of the three counties to join and work together with the government without any hesitation, discrimination and disturbance.

Mawa expressed their commitment as commissioners of the greater Yei counties to bring everlasting peace in order for the citizens to enjoy services delivery and freedom of movement without any ambushes on the roads.

The Morobo County Commissioner expected to see suffering of women and innocent civilians coming to an end after undergoing difficult situations since the onset of the conflict in the greater Yei counties in 2016.

“So we are here as the three county commissioners and our role, we want peace in Yei, we want to bring durable peace in the areas for people to move freely, women will be able to go and fetch firewood without any disturbance. This is our target as commissioners of greater Yei. We need to work together as greater Yei, if you go out tell people you are from greater Yei regardless of where you come from. These are our objectives as the commissioners of greater Yei,” revealed Joseph Mawa.

Meanwhile Emmanuel Khamis Richard, the commissioner of Lainya County said he believed that peace would only prevail in the greater Yei counties if the citizens put their efforts to work for peace.

Khamis regretted that the people of greater Yei were destroying their future and urged the entire population of the area to work for peace to stabilize security and pave way for development.

The Two commissioners spoke on Tuesday during the graduation of tailoring students organized by Initiative for Peace Communication Association in Yei.

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