Commissioner urges gov’t to create Tambura AdministrativeArea

By Baraka John

The Commissioner of Tambura County is urging national government to create Tambura County as an administrative area to enable the community there administer their affairs and report directly to national government.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Mathew Edward Mabenge said that SPLM and SPLM-IO present in the County had failed to silence the conflict in Tambura and occasional loss of lives.

“If the SPLM and SPLM-IO are not able to resolve the crisis, let Tambura County be an administrative area so that we can administer our own affairs, because we cannot be ruling people while killing them at the same time, God did not send us to kill,” he said.

He added that communities in the area needed peace and freedom saying if the State government was not able to contain the unrest, it should be better for the National government to reshuffle the current state government and bring on board people who could bring stability in the state.

He revealed that over thirty corpseswere recovered over the weekend by the help of the state government team that left last week to Tambura to prepare ground for the visit of the governor and his deputy to the area as part of a solution to the insecurity that has engulfed Tambura County for a year now.

Despite calm in Tambura County for the last five days because of the presence of the state government, the community members continue to empty Tambura to nearby Counties of Yambio, Nzara, Ezo and Western Bahar El Ghazal State capital Wau.  

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