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Commissioner promises to promote peace

By Baraka John

The newly appointed Commissioner of Maridi County, Western Equatoria State has promised to promote peace and unity in Maridi County.

On ninth September, Body Michael Ngbangoyo was appointed in a presidential decree replacing, Simon Siir Alfred, who was appointed in February this year.

Speaking to Juba Mointor yesterday, Body Michael said he vowed to work hand in hand with the diverse communities existing in Maridi County to enable peace and unity prevail.

“The most important thing as my priority is to unite the people of Maridi, because Maridi has seven tribes, so I have to put into account people in Maridi because through unity the diverse tribes will love themselves and development will come in Maridi”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Western Equatoria Statepromised to work in coordination with the new commissioner to stabilize the growing insecurity in Maridi County.

“People who seconded the appointment of Hon. Body really thought wise to bring the right person in the right place and at the right moment, so that he could work with us for the betterment of our State and as our advisor”, Futuyo said.

Michael served asMinisterfor Local government in the then Maridi State, Executive Director in Yambio and Tambura Counties. 

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