Commission launches training manuals on Information

By John Agok                                                  

The South Sudan Information Commission in collaboration with UNESCO yesterday celebrated International for Universal Access to Information (IDUA), and in the same event witnessed the Launching Regulation on Access to information and Training Manuals.

South Sudan joined the rest of the World in celebrating IDUA under the theme; “Rebuilding Communities with Access to information”.

In his opening remarks, the  Information Commissioner, Moyiga Nduru remains optimistic despite challenges in the course of establishing a three year strategic plan. The information Commissioner embarked on launching the Training Manuals.

“We will translate this theme into action and that is why we have already launched the Manuals to continue with training government officials and CSO on Access to Information document”, he said.

Nduru hinted that, they are moving slowly and surely they will complete the journey.

“I strongly believe that, we are moving slowly but we will reach there. Let’s me conclude with famous Chinese proverb quote that, “a Journey of thousands of miles start with one step”.

Mr. Samuel Doe UNDP Country Director valued the work done by the media in raising  awareness to the Communities across the Country. He emphasized that peace is  paramount when it comes to sustainable development.

Doe also said, peace is a  process and it is vital for Community based Radio stations to give accurate information on  peace-building.

“We stakeholders  including;  the Media Authority, NPA, UNESCO and Media Houses contribute in partnership to create awareness toward peace building. This is demonstrated by training 160 journalists across the Country on Conflict sensitive reporting”, he said.

Mr. Tap Pant,  UNESCO Country Director said, Access to Information can hold government officials accountable. It builds sustainable development and it can highlight injustice in the Society.

He revealed that, Access to Information encourages diversity through broadcasting local languages on radio stations.

 He assured people of South Sudan that, UNESCO will continue to support the implementation on Access to Information by calling for more additional funds.

“We are calling for more additional funds in the implementation of Access to information Act 2013. We equally call upon Community based Radio stations to encourage local languages on their Radio Stations to encourage diversity”, he said.

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