Comedian Vip attacks award winners, organizers

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Comedian Vip aka Reagan Justin believed to be the founder of comedy in South Sudan has attacked award winners in the country and urged them to be humble.

The bitter comedian while speaking to Juba Monitor said most award winners after winning awards behave like super gods on earth and want to be recognized everywhere they go.

“I have seen several award winners in Juba city making a lot of noise because of just a gold coated trophy or something. My advice to them is to be humble and simple, they should stop looking for fame and do their job and fame will look for them”, said Vip.

Vip, the self-claimed ambassador of comedy who has been doing comedy for the last fifteen years revealed that since he started doing standup comedy, he has lived a simple life.

“For the last fifteen years I have done comedy, I have learnt to be simple and humble and many people when they meet me still wonder if it is the person they watch on the stage cracking jokes. The secret to success if being humble,” Vip said.

Without mentioning names Vip said that his message to awards winners is general because it is something he has witnessed happening for quite often in the industry.

Comedian Vip also attacked awards organizers to be honest when planning their awards in Juba adding that most of the award events in Juba is based on who knows who and not who is talented.

Vip requested that events experts should be invited in the country or the available ones be consulted when awarding talents in the country because according to him, the awards these days are based on who knows who and not talent.

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