Comedian Majuetdit: Hospitalized after being conned of 1000USD online

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Popular Comedian commonlyknown as MajuetsMathoot has been hospitalized after sending 1000 USD to unknown person in Kenya.

Mathoot has become the latest victim of internet scams after sending 1000USD to unidentified person in Kenya on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, comedian, MajuetMathoot was chatting online with a person who posed as lover for more than one (1) year.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor Comedian Majuet Mathoot said lover claimed that she was living in Germany and would send him some gifts and air ticket to go live lavishly with her in Europe.

“I lost my money when unknown pretend to support my talent, I runout to Juba town and sent 1000 to the guy. Soon after, the guy switched off his phone number and it has remained unreachable until I was hospitalized in Juba Teaching Hospital.

The really lover I trust has turned me to be hospitalized when I lost my 1000 USD and I am really traumatised but I don’t know what can I do,”. 

He added that On Wednesday the fraudster claimed that she had sent me 15,000USD to facilitate his visa process and eventual travel. The fraudster tricked me to believe that everything was true by sending me her pictures.

He revealed that the lover said15,000 USD was sent to Kenya since South Sudan doesn’t accept the transfer of large foreign currencies.

“I assure all the people that whatever who send lover on Facebook don’t accept, let me be the last,” he advised.

Many South Sudanese have fallen victims of online fakestories where they sent money to scammers who posed as women looking for love.

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