Cover Story

Come with us for Change

Let the name be heard and accepted

TAAL MANA speaks everything we plan

Come with us to where we are going

But who are we and why are we calling you

And who is that person we are calling

It is you the beloved youth of South Sudan

We are too perspective young people

Who saw dawn and hopes are found

We have stood up for a positive change

We have been down for so long

And now is the time to bravely stand up 

As successors of our parents and leaders

We have a national call to be change agent

Trumpets and drums of peace need us

To take stick of moral words and start

Beating and calling fellow youth of South Sudan

We need to rise and promote peace

Don’t we see that we are jobless?

Don’t we see that we are very poor?

Do we need to remain lazy anymore?

We have fresh ideas and body-energy

We have skills and amazing talents

Can we use these abilities for development both personally and nationally?

Dear young ladies and strong gentlemen

Be informed, inspired and come with us

Do not follow us, do not go far ahead

But we move on the same way of one journey

Through rivers and huge mountains

In rains, sun and across forest with wild beasts

We shall walk on the same road as youth

And cross the distance to final destination

We shall face serious temptation

We shall sometimes go to wrong direction

But remember, we shall never be divided

Even if the destroyers of our future

Try to separate us and humiliate us

The slogan will keep us together

Still well sing TAAL MANA, come with us

Going for a positive change in South Sudan

Where every youth will be empowered

To know the rights and citizens’ roles

We are going to change South Sudan

Using creativity for development

Come with us and share your ideas

Your minds are still fresh and active

As youth you have a big challenge

You must do your part as citizens

We have many stories to be told

We have beauty of land to be illustrated

Inform of poetry and visual arts

Our cultures are so rich and unique

They must be exploited and well utilized

In order to attract foreign investors

We can generate money to stabilize the economy

But due to absence of peace, we are standing by

And we the youth are traumatized by conflicts

Something must be done by somebody

Of course youth are the change makers

And that is why we are saying “TAAL MANA”

Let us speak to our own people to hear

The messages of peace and unity

You are the power in the society

Now think and decide to come with us

To promote talents and create more opportunities

And work as one to develop our country

We are the light, the salt and the future

Of south Sudan

TAAL MANA ‘’For Change.’’

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