The flood which has hit 32 counties and left more than 900,000 displaced is one described by experts as the worst of its kind in the history of this country. It is not to be taken lightly considering the number of those affected who are now homeless with their children and other members of the families. Something needs and ought to be done and done immediately to save the situation. This is a natural phenomenon which could not have been predicted. The only remedy for the displaced is for the organizations and institutions providing humanitarian aid to come forward and assist the government with basic needs for those in dire need at the moment. It should be everyone’s concern including members of the public and the business community to offer a hand of help towards those faced with this sad situation. It is at time like this that good Samaritans come to the fore to help. It is not always but such situation affecting almost a million plus people cannot be left to the government alone. Remember the government declared state of emergency in most of the affected areas. It also appealed to the humanitarian donor communities to come out and help. While some are responding positively others have taken a wait-and-see stand. This is gambling with lives of innocent people who have found themselves in the worst situation that cannot be or is not of their own making. It should be appropriate in future for the weathermen to be alert and ensure such a situation does not find people off-guard by advising the government appropriately. Although in most cases traditional norms are applied as barriers to prevent people from being moved to safer locations, public education is needed to have such issues being understood and solved for the benefit of the would be victims of such a situation.

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