Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Pastor Paul Zacharia Bago of Enlightened Christian Gathering was in Mambe County by invitation to see for himself the condition of the people living there. His testimony is chilling and hurting at the same time, he met with condition which cannot be simply described as bad but horrible. His journey in this part of the country was to send true gospel of the heavenly father to the people of Maridi State and found himself being invited by the county authority of Mambe to be an eye witness to the community’s tabulation. According to the pastor who talked slowly and with bitterness as if recalling what he witnessed on the ground. It is not usual to see men of God to sound as if almost breaking down in the process of a talk or discussion unless it is really paining and pocking  the body to unlimited bones. This was what and how the good pastor was feeling when he visited and talked to us in our offices. Indeed because we believe in almost every word from the men of God. Pastor Paul’s discussion with us was not to be taken for granted because came armed with photos of the suffering people of Mambe. His concern was that there are many people and institution which have known or witnessed the situation in this area including both local and international institutions but little if any have come from them. As a churchman, he appeal goes to NGOs and other international institutions to humble themselves and provide the most needed basic assistance to the residents who have been hit with all kinds of human misfortunes that are spreading across. The present condition is made worse with the 2016 fuel tanker fire which left the village razed down with death toll climbing to hundreds of lives. Children of school going age cannot afford education; the residents are using only one water point irrespective of the condition for their daily lives. It is a life that hangs only in the hands of God with the residents almost giving up. It is important that solutions to these problems are found to make the residents smile once more. It can be done if collectively approached without hesitation. The country is moving towards stabilized peace which should be enjoyed by each and every one without creating boundaries. Can we all join hands and see how fast these situations can be contained if not eliminated. Already l am taking the lead by informing the entire world that people of Mambe needs urgent assistance and needs it now not tomorrow. For Pastor Paul may you continue to being the servant of the people and bringing to light their plights for others to know. Your mission to this area has now made the society understand what is going on and for any assistance to be directed to the needy. What remains now is action by the good Samaritans who should show up now. For the children and the people of Mambe God will see you through.     

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