Come on, Bright Stars, Just one more win

They say; “Where there is a will, there is a way!” our will is to beat Uganda home and away in order to proceed and face either Tanzania or Rwanda, whoever wins that fixture. Today’s match against the Uganda Cranes may seem trivial but it is a Must Win for us, the people of South Sudan. We have to continue improving our position in the FIFA ranking.

This is the time for us to forget our problems and come together and stand behind our team, no excuses. This game tests our patriotism, the love we have for the country and the trust we have in our national team. Yes, we lost to Burundi last month in the Afcon qualifiers, so what? It does not mean that we cannot win again. “The calmness of the river does not mean that there is no crocodile in it.”

The game will be played here in Juba, at Juba Stadium, Hai Zendia opposite Dembesh Hotel at 4:00 PM local time. Please let us turn up early to fill the stadium and cheer up the Bright Stars so that they can shine brighter than ever before. Even if it means absconding our jobs or leaving early, let us do it. It is a national call. A call for togetherness. A call of need. Our boys need us today. And by us, I mean every citizen within or outside the country. As long as you are a South Sudanese.

The SSFA president, Francis Amin himself called on everyone to turn up for the match today. “The citizens should come closer to football and use it as a tool to reconcile among each other, especially the youths. We need peace and harmony to improve football in the country,” Amin said.

This call is not only for the crazy fans who will go nuts today but also the Business communities, politicians, including our ministers and MPs, religious leaders etc. Spare only two hours of your time and come and support the team. It would be shameful if Ugandans fill the stadium before us. And I know they will go to the stadium as early as 1:00pm. I know them. Let us turn up in large numbers please. Bright Stars Oyeeeee! We live together and die together!


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