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Come back home- governor calls IDPs

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Governor of the newly created Gbudue State, Gbadagbu Daniel Rimbasa has appealed to the people who ran away from the state to come back and participate in the National Dialogue process.

“I appeal to those who ran away from the State to come back and take part in the National Dialogue so that we can all contribute to the development of the country, governor Gbadabu told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview yesterday.

The Governor revealed that he had introduced community dialogue in the State which is working well.

“In my State we have dialogue amongst the people, the youths, the different ethnic groups and those who came back from the bush. We have encouraged forgiveness amongst ourselves,” he said. “This is our initiative and it has been able to promote the peace that the State is enjoying now because everyone is working hard to ensure that there is peace.”

The Governor further said they have been able to return many people to their homes where some have taken farming tools to cultivate their land in order to fight hunger.

Governor Gbadabu said through the tractors that were donated by the President, majority of the youths have done large cultivations.

He said 85 percent of the people in the State are peaceful though the 15 percent are still not calm.

However, he said plans are under way to dialogue with some armed groups who are still occupying the 15 percent of the unstable areas of the State.

Gbudue State experienced violence in early 2016 but till now the governor said that calm has been restored in the State.


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